Constitution of The Japanese Chapter of the System Dynamics Society (the Chapter) a chapter of The System Dynamics Society (the Society).

    1. The chapter shall be known by the name:

The Japanese Chapter of the System Dynamics Society

    1. The objectives of the Chapter shall be
      1. To identify, extend and unify knowledge contributing to the understanding of feedback systems.
      2. To promote the development of the field of System Dynamics and the free interchange of learning and research in all related fields.
      3. To encourage and develop educational programs in the behavior of systems.
      4. To coordinate the development of the Japanese National Model to investigate important political, economic and social questions for Japan.

To accomplish these objectives the Chapter proposes to conduct chapter meetings, to publish books, Japanese language Journals and other materials.

    1. Membership

All members of the Chapter must also be members of the System Dynamics Society. Any member in good standing of the System Dynamics Society living or working in Japan may join the Chapter.

    1. The policy Council

The Chapter shall be governed by a Policy Council. The policy council shall consist of a President, one or more Vice-Presidents, a Secretary and an International Society liaison. All members of the policy council shall be members of the Chapter.

    1. Meetings

The chapter shall hold a meeting at least annually. Such a meeting may be held during with but will not interfere with the International Conference of the System Dynamics Society. Business and election of officers will be dealt with in the meeting.

    1. Elections

The Policy Council shall be elected by majority vote of the Chapter membership. All members in good standing shall be allowed to vote. The election shall be held at Chapter meetings at fixed intervals in accordance with the terms of the Policy Council.

    1. Publications

The Chapter may choose to publish a journal, newsletter and books. Such publications will:

      1. Not represent themselves as publications of the System Dynamics Society.
      2. Be related to the particular interests of the Chapter.
    1. Conferences

The Chapter may choose to hold conferences as long as those conferences

      1. do not present themselves to be conferences of the System Dynamics Society.
      2. do not interfere with the annual conference of the Society.
      3. Have at least one month between them and the annual conference of the Society.

Expenses and profits from any Chapter Conferences are the responsibility of the Chapter.

    1. Dues

The Chapter shall charge dues in an amount and currency of its choice. Payment of Chapter dues shall be made directly to the Chapter.

Payment of Society Dues shall be made directly to the society. The society will not collect any dues on behalf of the chapter, nor will the dues it charges depend on membership in the Chapter.

  1. Chapter Society Interaction
    1. The Chapter Society Liaison shall be listed on the official Society Letterhead.
    2. The Society Policy Council will review annually a report of activities, finances and membership submitted by the Chapter. The report will include the names of all officers for the Chapter. Attached to the report will be copies of all publications of the Chapter, as well as a complete membership listing.
    3. The Chapter-Society Liaison shall be informed of and invited to all meetings of the Society Policy Council expect under extraordinary circumstances. The Chapter-Society Liaison shall receive minutes from all meetings of the Policy Council.
    4. The society will, upon request and up to twice per year, provide the Chapter with a list of its members.